About aw2.0

aw2.0 works closely with the private equity world providing a range of services, including architectural design/implementation, team mentorship/training, due diligence, code review and general consultancy work. Specializing in long term engagements, the aw2.0 team integrates fully into their portfolio companies.

High performance computing is in the blood of the aw2.0 team, with both co-founders coming from the world of server-side high volume Java processing. Strong believers in the world of open source, aw2.0 is the official maintainer of the popular GPL open source OpenBD Java CFML runtime engine, openbd.org.

aw2.0 know the reality from the hype, what works and what doesn't, having advised many leading organizations on how they can utilise cloud infrastructures for their own requirements. As early adopters of the services from the likes of Amazon and Rackspace, aw2.0 has pushed each one to their limits. One of their portfolio companies regularly pushes in excess of 17billion requests per month.

The founders of aw2.0 can be regularly seen on the speaking circuit around the world as they bring their real world experience to the Java, cloud and CFML community including an initial residency as “Editor in Chief” of the worlds first printed magazine dedicated to the world of cloud computing; “Cloud Computing Journal” from SYS-CON publications.

Continually growing, evolving and learning, aw2.0 is a dedicated team of highly skilled developers, tuning and Linux experts to cater for the wide range of activities our portfolio clients demand from us.

Cloud Expertise

Cloud computing has been a breath of fresh air through the computing industry in the last 5 years and shows no signs of abating. Expertise in Amazon AWS and RackSpace installations. Read more »


At aw2.0 we take the words of scalable software extremely seriously. Many claim to be able to handle scale, but seldom deal with the sort of numbers that are in our blood. We build highly scalable Java solutions. Read more »


OpenBD is the worlds first truly open source GPL Java CFML runtime. CFML is a powerful tag/script based language that takes away all the heavy lifting of producing highly scalable web and email based services. Read more »

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