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Cloud computing has been a breath of fresh air through the computing industry in the last 5 years and shows no signs of abating. The move away from capital expenditure to operational expenditure has sent many a purchase order to the grave yard. However, for all its power and promise, the move to utilise cloud computing is not without problems.

We have been working with the likes of Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid and SalesForce for many years, knowing their offerings inside out. We get behind the marketing hype and look at what the limits are and how you can push those limits to maximize your usage of the cloud world.

We continually lecture and talk on the benefits of cloud computing, showing enterprises how they can utilise this magical per-hour model to power a complete business partially or wholly from the cloud.


At aw2.0 we take the words of scalable software extremely seriously. Many claim to be able to handle scale, but seldom deal with the sort of numbers that are in our blood. We build highly scalable Java solutions. Read more »


OpenBD is the worlds first truly open source GPL Java CFML runtime. CFML is a powerful tag/script based language that takes away all the heavy lifting of producing highly scalable web and email based services. Read more »

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The founders of aw2.0 can be regularly seen on the speaking circuit around the world as they bring their real world experience to the Java, cloud and CFML community. Read more »

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to build and power the huge web sites seen on the Internet today? How does the theory match up against the reality? Read more »